Alpacas for Sale

We have travelled the the US building our herd by carefully selecting and purchasing breeding stock from some of the best farms in the country. We’ve spent considerable time and resources educating ourselves in this industry so we can have the healthiest, highest quality herd possible. And now we maintain a diverse herd of 40+ alpacas with some of the best genetics produced in the US.

We purposefully maintain a moderate herd size so we can get to know each animal individually and provide care based on each animal’s specific needs. Our alpacas are fed the best feed and hay available. Pastures are maintained for optimal health and cleanliness. And veterinary care, when needed, is never skimped on.

If you’re an experienced alpaca farmer, you’ll recognize some of our lineages. CCNF Elixir, Snowmass Elite Legend, Snowmass Oblivion, Rembrandt by El Niño, Snowmass Matrix Majesty to name a few.

Are you considering purchasing alpacas but are new to them? We can help you get started.We offer packages of multiple animals that suit different needs and goals. We can provide mentoring and answer your questions. We’ll provide you with a list of supplies and resources to help you get settled. And we can do this because we were new once too, and understand the value of having someone available when you have questions.

If you’re interested in purchasing, contact us anytime for a visit to learn more about our alpacas and our operation.


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