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Our Mission

At Four Acres Living we believe in creating with nature and bringing it home.

We breed our own alpacas thoughtfully, sustainably and specifically for the quality and softness of their fiber. We also choose to partner with other alpaca farms across the US who share this vision.

And the proof is in our products. Soft, luxurious and renewable, alpaca is truly one of nature’s finest ingredients.

Our Four Acres Living products are made from alpaca that is solely raised, sourced and milled in the US, so rest assured our alpaca wool products comes with love and care bred right in.


Our Owners 

Liz and Jose bought their first alpacas on Columbus Day, 2015 and named their four acre farm in coastal, southern Delaware Nuevo Mundo Alpaca—Spanish for New World.

And a new world it truly was. After growing up and raising their own families in large cities and having no experience in animal husbandry, they completely changed their lifestyle to one closer to nature in an agricultural community. Their first alpacas were patient with their novice caretakers, but by being thoroughly immersed in their new life, Liz and Jose learned volumes about alpaca health, genetics, fiber characteristics and all the things that can be made from this incredible, sustainable fiber.

That’s when Four Acres Living was born. They created Four Acres Living to share with others what they discovered about the extraordinary beauty, softness and luxury of alpaca. And since nature has a vast store of ingredients to create with, Four Acres Living also curates and sells other products that showcase all there is to love about the natural world.

Liz and Jose still operate all of their business on their original four acres. They intentionally keep their footprint small so they can pay close attention to every detail—be it a member of their herd that needs a little extra care or a product made in their unique style, Liz and Jose are personally hands on.

When you purchase from Four Acres Living, you know that you're bringing home nature at its finest.

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