Apr 7th 2020

Why Your Next Pair Of Socks Should Be Alpaca

Socks are an important part of every outfit. Making sure that you have the right socks for the right occasion is very crucial. Alpaca fiber socks are a great material for whatever activity you find yourself doing. With a wide variety of socks to choose from there is sure to be an alpaca fiber sock to fix your occasion. Here’s why your next pair of socks should be alpaca.

1. They are super soft and comfortable to wear

Alpaca fiber is super soft and very comfortable no matter what article of clothing you are wearing. The alpaca fiber contains no lanolin which means that it won’t be scratchy or irritate your skin. This also makes the fiber hypoallergenic. You can easily wear this fiber any time of the year and it will always be comfortable and soft.

2. Does not absorb moisture from your feet

Alpaca fiber is hollow and does absorb water like regular wool does. This means that you never have to worry about your feet being wet or uncomfortable. The alpaca fiber will help your feet stay dry no matter the weather or your body temperature.

3. Alpaca fiber is strong and durable

Alpaca fiber is 5 times stronger than regular wool. This means that these socks will be durable and last much longer than an average pair of socks. With the proper care you will get to enjoy your alpaca socks for years to come.

4. Many different types of alpaca fiber socks

There are alpaca fiber socks for every occasion. Alpaca fiber socks do not only come in one style. In fact it’s likely that you can find any style you are searching for made out of alpaca fiber socks. With many different types of alpaca fiber socks you will be sure to have durable socks that will last for a good while.

Alpaca fiber makes buttery soft, moisture resistant, durable, hypoallergenic, and all around quality clothing. Your socks are an important part of your outfit and having quality socks is essential. At Four Acres Living we provide you with many different options including alpaca dress socks, hiking socks, leisure socks, heavy socks, yoga socks, therapeutic/diabetic socks, and active low-cut socks. No matter what the occasion is there is a perfect sock for it. Make alpaca socks your next pair of socks.