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  • Four Acres Living and Alpaca Manure

    Mar 4th 2020

    Four Acres Living and Alpaca Manure

    Alpaca provide many different benefits. From being able to have so many of them on a small amount of land to using their fur to create beautiful and quality pieces of clothing. It seems that the benef…

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  • Alpaca Alternative Products

    Jan 6th 2020

    Alpaca Alternative Products

    Alternative products are an eco-friendly alternative to items that you use on a regular basis. You may be wondering what this has to do with alpaca products. The answer to your question is everything!…

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  • All About Alpaca Shearing

    Dec 6th 2019

    All About Alpaca Shearing

    No matter if you are breeding alpacas to sell the fleece or simply have them as pets shearing is a necessary part of being an alpaca owner. Shearing keeps the alpacas healthy and comfortable. Here are…

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  • Alpaca vs. Cashmere

    Nov 8th 2019

    Alpaca vs. Cashmere

    Alpaca is sometimes compared to cashmere because of its soft texture. While they may seem similar they have very distinctive differences. Here are 4 key differences between alpaca fiber and cashmere.1…

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  • Benefits of Alpaca Fiber (Part 2)

    Oct 4th 2019

    Benefits of Alpaca Fiber (Part 2)

    The benefits for alpaca fiber seem to be endless. The fact that this material is all natural, hypoallergenic and not harmful to the alpacas is such a major factor. From not having to worry about wrink…

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  • Benefits of Alpaca Fiber (Part 1)

    Sep 17th 2019

    Benefits of Alpaca Fiber (Part 1)

    Today's consumer searches for high-quality, environmentally sound products made of naturally renewable resources. Alpaca fiber is rising in popularity because of its many benefits. Here are just a few…

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  • My Confession

    Jul 13th 2019

    My Confession

    My name is Liz and I’m an alpaca farmer.Oh, I started innocently enough with a few backyard chickens about 10 years ago. I didn’t know then that chickens were a gateway animal. I didn’t know that inno…

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